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People keep suprising me (2) - 28 August 02 - 12:04

I recently wrote about collegues that supprized me... now it even gets more funny, although it is not the direct collegues anymore.

Like any normal department we have a coffeemachine, which provides us with the necessary cafeine to make it through the days with our eyes open. In our department we make our own coffee with a simple coffeemaker, put it in a thermoscan and the last one makes new coffee. Now we moved to another building and are not alone anymore in the room, we share it with some 40 other people (talk about officegartens....). Because of that many people we suggested having a big coffeemachine placed here by the local coffeemachinebuilder, which would mean that we can get the coffee by the cup from that machine. Also a big advantage is that we could get coffee for meetings from that machine, which would save us about 30 Euro every meeting.... never expected that catering can be so expensive he :-)

The thing now is, we discovered that the other people don't want this, because we are the only department that doesn't pay for the coffee. Supposingly the feeling of the other chefs it that is you get coffee for free something is wrong... because you don't work for it or something !?!?!?! Anyway, the case is now that they are deciding about it during the management meeting... about a coffee machine?!??! Like they don't have anything better to do, something like making the group profitable again.....

Sometimes I really don't understand people!


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