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Wine making II - 17 September 02 - 20:30

I'm very happy with my wine making project. The blue berries and the apple juice were bubbling very well in the bucket and today I put it in a big glas jar (25 liter) together with some two kilos of sucker.... so now it is going very well and in a couple of months I can enjoy my own wine...


Only one thing is worrying me now... before that time I have to make sure we've emptied enough bottles to bottle 25 liters of wine... any volenteers for an evening of getting drunk on wine? Perhaps we can even iron the carpet Joost? (sorry, inside joke)

I will try to attach my webcam soon again, then I will try to make some photo's of the wine making equipment and all......  now only make sure I don't forget that there was also something of a master thesis to be written.. I have to send in a concept version end of next week, and this weekend my parent are coming for the first time to Germany, so there will be some work to do before I can rest... oh well... nothing to do about that.

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