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It's done - 19 November 02 - 17:03

Finally it is done, last Tuesday I have finished my study Industrial Engineering and Management and now I can call myself officially a Master of Science, Diplom ingenieur or ir.

The rest of the week I have tried to get back into shape after a very long night of party, for which I would like to thank everybody who was there. Please do remind me if you were there, because I have gained some holes in my memory about that evening ;-)

For me it is now time to look for a permanent job, which is getting quite difficult in these times. Not only am I bound to the surroundings of Erlangen/Nuernberg due to my own choice (yep... a girl), but also the economy is so bad and Siemens is not doing to well, loss of jobs in a time that I am looking for one is not the ideal situation. Luckily the department where I have done my research has offered me a temporarely job as 'workstudent' so I have something to do, and more important, get some money in my wallet.

Today is my first day, but I have to say that it is quite strange, because the goal you have had for the last six months, working towards that presentation of your research, is suddenly gone. Ah well, in one day I can see what life for a 26 year old is like, which means that I have reached the goal of a dimplom before my 26th!

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