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Finally diving again - 22 August 06 - 08:42

Last sunday I finally found time again to go out for some recreational diving. So that meant no courses, no examination, no discover scuba diving and all that crap where you have to concentrate on the others around you. We went to the Steinbergersee and the weather was not that bad, even if the forecast made me shiver already.

The first dive was with Uwe and Thomas, the latter one hadn't been diving for two years, but after a couple of minutes he was up and running... ehm... swimming through the water and we made a totally relaxed dive (which can be seen here). It was quite clear where the thermocline was, because unter 8 meter it was f*** cold! But above a nice 20 degrees, so we enjoyed some small fish over there.

Then the second dive, which was with Thomas and Waltraud, we went right towards the ghosforrest, which ist a collection of trees at 10 meter depth which realy look gostly. Like I mentioned before, the water temperature dropped clearly beneath the 8 meter and at 15 meter it was only 10 degrees... brrrrrrr

Again, you can find the dive profile and other details on the divelog. All together it was good to get in the water again :-)

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