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Wine Tasting event - 10 September 06 - 08:59

Today we will drive, together with a couple of friends, to the wine region of Franconia, near Würzburg. There is a little town called Eibelstadt and another one called Sommerhausen where we want to have some nice walks through the wine fields and afterwards enjoy some wine tasting and probably buy some stock of good franconian white wines and sekts.

As the camera is travelling with us we probably will have some photo's tonight. Here two old photos of a former wine trip, which gives a rough idea of the pre-trip-joy I'm already experiencing :-)

Beautifill view over the wine ranks, ready to be processed to some of the finest wines I know (do not tell the Italian or French ;-)

View of a very impressive sect cellar in the town of Sommerhausen. I want to have something like this ;-)

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