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Outdoor Training - 17 September 06 - 21:38

After spending definitely too much time in the office last week the last two days were very good. On thursday and friday we had the final event of the Trainee@IT programm, the outdoor training. Because I missed out the one meant for me last year, due to my instructor exams on Teneriffa, I was invited to join in with this years group. And yes, that was a good decision!

On Thursday it started with general information on the next steps, all the tools and posibilities we have at Siemens for getting ahead. Yep, more of the dull part. After lunch we got into action and went in the Bismarckhöle, an interesting cave. In the evening we had a nice and relaxed camp fire on top of the local hills, with adequite amounts of beer and wine ;-)

The next day we went to the Hohenglücksteig, quite a known Klettersteig here in Franconia. There we really made sure that we remembered the trip the whole weekend, because I can still sense my musles protesting :-)

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