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Visit of my brother - 20 October 06 - 21:46

This weekend my brother is visiting me here in Nürnberg. The stupid thing is that we arranged it all very well: I would have had the friday afternoon off so I could pick him up at the railway station around half past two. So far so good, just had to prepare a meeting for in the morning and in the afternoon relaxed preparing for his visit.

That good plan ended yesterday as I heard that they had changed the agenda and I had to be there for a presentation in the afternoon(!). So I told my brother to go into the city and have a cup of coffee at starbucks or something and we woul meet afterwards... stupid stupid..

But it all went well and after good food this evening (Korean) we are now enjoying a nice relaxed evening with the music of Anouk "Update", a CD he brought us. So that is a good start into the weekend, make sure you enjoy yours!

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