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Chaos - 28 October 06 - 23:02

Today was a very nice tool-time day :-) or as we way it in Holland, I have been doing some serious nicoing..

Why was that? Well, lately I had more and more problems showing movies using my kiss dvd player and playing mp3 streaming music directly of my pc. Therefore I was already planning of making a direct connection between my PC and my TV/audio set. And that is exactly what happened today. The result: 2 holes, one new drillbore (18x400mm) and audio and video cables through the wall :-) :-)

So today I watched the movie Chaos (yeah, you already thought the title had something to do with the nicoing!). Quite interesting, and an unexpected end. Unfortunately I did not want to watch the movie, actually planned was going out to Erlangen to the Kneipelfestifal, but due to a cold I decided not to :-*

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